Thursday, May 10, 2012

What I'm Listening to TODAY

Some women buy shoes.
I buy CDs. 

And just in the past several days, I've bought a bunch of new ones that I am so excited to become familiar with.  Sometimes when I buy too big of a clump at a time, they don't really get enough attention, and then I end up barely even listening to them. 

It just so happens, that my house needs a major spring cleaning.  And that Spring cleaning needs a soundtrack.

So I'm loading these in my player right now, and within a few hours, my house will be sparkling!

In case your wondering, here are the CDs in the photo:
Amy Stroup- The Other Side of Love Sessions
PremaShakti- Pulse of Love
Rufus Wainwright- Out of the Game
Melody Gardot- Worrisome Heart
James Morrison- The Awakening
Jillian Edwards- Galaxies and Such
Maria Taylor- Overlook
Sarah Jaffe- The Body Wins

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