Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cat Scratch Fever

Day 3 of Hawaii:

Last night, Fermin and I finally left the hotel! We took a quick shuttle ride to Waikiki to eat, and then pick up a few things at the drugstore.

We love Thai food, and so when we saw this place, and read the reviews on Yelp, it seemed like the right choice.
But it wasn't.
We're probably spoiled, because in Dallas, we know of the best Thai spots-  Noodle Wave, Royal Thai, and Tukta Thai are probably our top 3.  So if we compare those great places to this one, in a word- it sucked.  Pretty flavorless and boring food, and not that great of an atmosphere. 

However, there were TVs playing a DVD of some little singer/dancer that I sorta fell in love with.  The volume of the TV wasn't even on, but the dancing was super cute and I couldn't help but copy the girl's dance moves from my seat.
The dancing was much more flavorful than the food.
After dinner, we walked to a Long's Drugstore and found one of my favorite things about my trips to Hawaii...
Ok, NOW we're in paradise!
Butter Candy Glazed Mac Nuts. I could eat a whole can of these in a day, but I try to limit myself because for just 1/4 of a cup, you pack in 16 grams of FAT, and 180 calories.  But, oh my god!! SO WORTH IT!!!

I got so excited about mac nuts, that I forgot all about the other stuff I needed.  I only remembered once we got back to our hotel room.

SO, after my run this morning (another great one!) we went out for lunch, and back to a different Long's Drugstore (they're everywhere!) to buy an anti-itch cream for my freaky little rash on my arm.  I have no idea if I got bit by something, if I ate something I'm allergic to or what, but I seriously want to scratch my f-ing arm off!
The picture does not do the rash justice!  My arm looks really fat and sand paperish from the swelling and itching.
Fermin bought sunscreen and some much needed hair gel!  :)
Even without the hair gel, he's foxy!
We've got a few hours before the big "Fire and Ice" party tonight.  Fermin and I just keep cracking up over the invitation:
I'll report back tomorrow to tell you all about the sultry and jaw-dropping moments IF I ever make it back to my room!

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