Friday, May 18, 2012

Crows Don't Excite Me, But Dolphins Do!

Day 2 of Hawaii

Last night we had a great dinner, award reception, and a private concert given by the Counting Crows for all the McAfee people, and their significant others, like me!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, the Counting Crows played at a McAfee thing in Maui 3 years ago.  I remember Adam Duritz drank a gross amount of Pina Coladas throughout the perfomance and by the end of it, just sort of stumbled around the stage singing "Mr. Jones".  Either too much sugar, or too much alcohol, or both.

I wasn't all that impressed that year, and was even less impressed this year.  Adam did forgo the Pina Coladas, but he still seemed to be stumbling around.  But I think it's just the way he moves.
Just before Counting Crows took the stage

Not a good picture, but really, who cares?
Today while Fermin and I were eating our fish tacos for lunch (yep, the same awesome meal I ate yesterday!), a crew of people walked by and before I could even figure out what the heck they were doing, Fermin said, "Oh look, they're carrying in a dolphin- Get your camera out."  And like always, I did exactly as he instructed.
See him?
There's his sweet little face sticking out!
I learned that the dolphin had just flown in from another island and he is now the newest member of the dolphin family here at the Kahala Hotel and Resort.  He's 11, which means he's reaching his sexual maturity.  Which means he can no longer live with his sisters!  So had had to come live here instead so he could meet some other potential female partners.

Later in the afternoon, on my way up to my room take some insulin after drinking a Pina Colada at the beach (honoring Adam Duritz, of course), I saw the dolphins in their lagoon area.  All the trainers were standing around watching as the newest dolphin acclimated to his new home and met his new friends.  One of his "new" friends happens to be his dad, and another, his brother.  But apparently he does not and will not ever know this.  You could tell which dolphin was him because he was wearing sunscreen on a few spots that had gotten a little overexposed during his transport.  So yes, dolphins can sunburn!  I also learned that they weigh about 20 lbs when they're born, and that their dorsal fins are curled up at first.  I asked all sorts of questions because the trainers seemed so happy to answer.
I also learned you can tell when a dolphin is entering their sexual maturity by the size of their testes!  Another little factoid I got today was that the gestation period of a dolphin is about a year.  And that they are born with little mustaches, that later fall off.  The hair of the mustache helps them find their way to the mammary glands so they can nurse when they are babies, and that actually, the correct name for a baby dolphin is calf.  
He seems to be fitting right in!
And as cool as all this Hawaii stuff is, a big highlight is whenever I get sweet pictures of Lucy and Ricky from my sister, like this one of Lucy...
I miss you!!!

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