Monday, May 21, 2012

Fantasy Island

Ok, now we're on to serious vacationing!

We're in Kaua'i!  It's where the show from the 70's, Fantasy Island, was filmed, and it's obvious as to why.  It's breathtaking everywhere you look.  So much so, that I  haven't snapped many pictures yet.

We arrived yesterday in the early afternoon.  As we were walking along the beach, we saw our first dog of the trip.  Out of all the dog breeds we could have run into, what are the chances that we'd see an Australian Shepherd?  And what are the chances it would be a red merle with one blue and one brown eye, just like Lucy?  Must be a little sign that we're in the right place!
The lovely Savannah
We're staying at the Koa Kea-  It's small and it's beautiful and the people here are so nice.  We LOVE it. 

After a super yummy breakfast- a Belgian Macadamia Nut Waffle- we're heading over to the North Shore today.  I'll try to remember to snap a few photos!

We are in heaven.  Oh, I mean Fantasy Island!  xo

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