Friday, May 4, 2012

Shark Tank TONIGHT!

Tonight is the night!
My super cute brother, accompanied by his handsome dog, Deville will be apprearing on the Shark Tank at 7pm on ABC.
Fleetwood and his pooch, Deville.

A Villy Custom Cruiser
I wish he was on the entire hour.  I know his segment will seem far too short!  But I cannot wait to see him pitch his cruiser bike company, Villy Customs, and ask for half-a-freakin'-million-dollars from Mark Cuban and the other sharks on national TV!

I think my brother is just so brave to have done this, regardless of how it turns out!  That's like if I tried out for "The Voice"~ but I'm just way too afraid of failure to ever even consider such a thing. Instead, I'll just keep it small, and sing at coffeeshops here in the DFW area. :)

But not my brother!  Nope, he's pretty fearless. He does nothing in a small way. He dreams big.  And if you dream big, big things just might happen!  We'll find out tonight how this one turns out...

GO FLEETWOOD, my #1!  If I had the money, I would most certainly invest in YOU, and in Villy Customs! LOVE YOU...


Unknown said...

Ahhhhh, thank you sooo much Kerri. I love you. That is really meaningul!

Andy Morris said...

That is So Cool!

darren said...

Awesomeness!!!! Go Fleetwood!!! I think Deville closed the deal!