Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who Would You Be?

I read Jonathan Field's blog, and today he posed the question, "If there was no criticism or praise, who would you be?" He answered that he'd basically be doing what he does now. That's a great realization.

For me, when I think about this, I guess my answer is similar. I'd still want to write my blog, and write songs, and play music for people- But I'd like to be fearless and do it on a bigger scale. That's my truthful answer.

So then the next obvious question is, what keeps me playing my life so small? And maybe the truth of it is, ultimately, I sorta like it small. But at that same time, I'm constantly daydreaming about something bigger... Hmmm.

How 'bout you? If there was no praise or criticism, who would you be?

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