Monday, February 22, 2010

Music Monday- Jonatha Brooke

I would say of all the musicians out there, I probably love Jonatha Brooke the most.

She plays most of her songs with altered guitar tunings which makes for a bit of a different sound than what is mainstream. And I'm not such a fan of mainstream. In fact, that's another thing I love about Jonatha- She has lots of fans around the world, but still somehow, she's a well kept secret.

I think, altho I certainly don't know, Jonatha probably has a pretty cool life. She's a successful musician that tours (although not crazy long tours) all over the world and is very well respected, and yet remains relatively unknown and doesn't have to mess with all the weirdness of being famous.

I saw Jonatha perform a few times live, and it coincided with when I was first starting to play out myself. When I felt nervous about getting up to perform, I would just pretend I was Jonatha for a few minutes, until I calmed down and found my own confidence.

I have every cd she's ever made, and I love them all. It's hard to even tell you which one to buy first, so instead I say: BUY THEM ALL NOW!

This is one, just one, of my favorite songs of Jonatha's....

Because I Told You So


Anonymous said...

Katy Perry calls Jonatha "Female song writing gold." I couldn't agree more. Jonatha is amazing.

kerri said...

Yes she is- Glad we agree on that! ;)

David said...

You can't go wrong with any of them, but "Steady Pull" and the first "Live" are particularly strong start to finish.