Friday, February 5, 2010

Make No Bones About It

That's right, folks- I skipped this weeks installment of Thrifty Thursday- I am so sorry. Next week's will be worth the wait!

I've been a bit distracted by two things, both involving bones.

First of all, as I was cutting thru my neighborhood's wooded area to my running trail earlier this week, I saw the police taping off a section of it. Then I saw a man who looked like the stereotypical homeless man standing off to the side.

I asked him, "What's going on?"

And he answered, "Dead body. I found a dead body. I was digging thru a big trashbag and a big jaw bone fell out."

So, it sounds like he didn't so much find a body, but the remains of one. Either way, it's a little creepy. Actually, more than a little.

The police said, along with lots of bones scattered around, they found identification of a woman who had disappeared back in June. Oddly, nothing about this has shown up in the newspaper since this happened on Tuesday. Does this kind of stuff happen more often than I realize?
(This is my photo of the scene of the crime!)

I've never felt ultra safe passing thru that area, so I take off my headphones and I pay attention to who and what is around me. This trail is very near a Dart Rail station, and I've heard that can bring riff raff into new areas. And by riff raff, I guess I mean drunk fishermen peeing and pooing along my little hidden trail (which I have written posts about somewhere in the archives of this blog!), a prostitute (which my neighborhood crimewatch sleuth told me about), and a few other "suspicious looking characters" that aren't typically in my neck of the woods, so to speak. I just think of the Dart Rail as a means of transportation, but didn't realize it just might be increasing the crime in my neighborhood, too.

Anyway, I'm feeling a little at odds about these bones. Apparently, coyotes and whatever other wildlife hang around there have scattered the bones around quite a bit. Did someone just dump the bones there? And why? Who was this lady who disappeared in June? I feel like people in our neighborhood deserve a little follow up from the Dallas Police Department. And it also seems the Dallas Morning News would've run a story about it! Isn't this news??

The second reason for my lack of focus on my Thrifty Thursday post this week: I did something insane to my lower back. And what's insane about it is, I don't know what I did, or when I did it, but I'm moving around like someone who had a major injury in some kind of high speed collision. Honestly, I think I might have done it just by taking my guitar case out of my car.
(This is not a picture of my back, but does illustrate my area of pain!)
Bones. Bones. Bones. This week, they're not so lovely.


Rrramone said...

Sorry about your back. :-( And that is a creepy story!!

kerri said...

There's a bright side to most things... Fermin is having to put away the laundry today!!! ;)

Tapestry Tree said...

I am with you...amazed that there has been no story on this. Weird. Sorry about your back, too! I knew there must be a reason for the missing Thrifty Thursday!

Valerie said...

Hope you're feeling better! (And that is pretty creepy about the crime scene. Yikes.)