Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Get Up and GO

I've got to get cracking on these 14 songs- I have about 8 or 9 written, but haven't recorded many of them. I lost power at my house for about 4 days, so I was a little out of commission. Anyway, hopefully I'll be posting up lots of stuff here over the next 2 weeks!

Here's today's song, written earlier this morning. And yes, I was still in my pajamas when I wrote it. But I DID put on my shoes and go for a run (and then showered) by the time I did the video!

I'm sure I've had enough sleep
Over 8 hours with plenty of dreams
but still, I'm not refreshed
I'm not motivated to even get dressed

Sometimes I wonder where the time goes
Summer is over, it's started to snow
Now it's too cold to get up and go

I've got to get something done
Get out the door and go out for a run
The day is almost half thru
I'm still in my pajamas and watching YouTube


I better just put on my shoes
and make up a list of what I'm gonna do
Cuz I could stay here all day
But where would that get me and what would they say?


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