Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thrifty Thursdays- Rethreads

Have you ever shopped in a resale shop?
I used to, years ago- But then stopped going for some reason. I just sorta forgot about them over the years. But I recently rediscovered this passion. There are a few good consignment shops in Dallas. I'll tell you about one in particular today... Rethreads!

Rethreads has both women's and men's clothing. Tons of great designer labels, gently worn by other people first. What you save in price makes the hand-me-down idea oh-so-acceptable!

On a recent visit, I got this sweater, by Alberto Makali. It was priced in the store for $45, but everything in the store that day was an additional 20% off because it was the first weekend of the month! (That's your additional Thrifty Thursday tip!) So I got it for a grand total of $36. I don't really know how much it would have cost me if I bought it new, but I can tell you, it'd be too much for me to feel happy about, and so I never would even buy it.
I also got this cute little shirt by Bebe for only $8! It would have cost me at least $10 if I bought it new. (Just kidding!)
I love digging around for a good bargain. LOVE IT. I can't stand shopping at the mall and seeing the same stuff over in over in all different colors and sizes. I love finding unique stuff with small price tags.


Tapestry Tree said...

What great buys! I LOVE Thrifty Thursdays. The soy chai tea is my new favorite drink and now I have a new place to shop! I also hate buying clothes that everyone else is wearing! Thanks for the great tips!

kerri said...

Rethreads is having a sale thru this week-- 50% off all clearance items, and 20% off everything else!!