Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Men of Snow

We're back to clear, sunny skies and the snow has melted away in Dallas. Well, pretty much, anyway.

In all of my life, living in Dallas, I've never seen such a snowfall. I can remember when I was a little kid and we got quite a bit of snow, but still, not as much as this time around!

I was in heaven when it was first falling. My husband and I took our Siberian Huskies on a walk. Little did they know, they were born for that kind of weather...and then some! But my girls have acclimated to Texas weather...they like the sun, the heat, and they like to come inside and lay by the fire when it's cold outside.

I built a little snowman. I just did a little one because the snow was so heavy that it was hard to roll it around without hurting my delicate back. But my little triangular snowman stood sturdier than his bigger snowmen friends that my neighbors made. The bigger they are the harder and quicker they seemed to fall.

We went to FlagPole Hill Friday morning and went sledding with our neighbors.

There was a downside to this snowfall. Lots of big tree limbs fell. And lots of people lost their power. We didn't have electricity for 4 days. All the fish in our big saltwater aquarium died. That was really sad...

Today, 5 days after this snowfall, there are a few snowmen still hanging on. They're in pieces, and they're limbs have falling out...but they're still there.

I've heard it said we'll likely never seen another snowfall like this in our lifetimes here in Dallas. That makes me sad. And reminds me how fleeting things are...
(Before you go, please click below to hear Ingrid Michaelson sing "Men of Snow". It's beautifully sad...)

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