Friday, November 20, 2009

It's the New Moon Review...(coming right at you!)

(Anyone around my age get's my title reference, right?)

I shamelessly went to see the New Moon movie.
My neighbor friend and I went to the early- and I mean 10am early!- feature hoping it wouldn't be too crowded with screaming women.

Well, it was, of course, crowded. But no one was screaming. And there were almost as many men there as women. Apparently, Edward (or maybe Jacob, whatever...) has mass appeal not only across the age spectrum but also across the gender lines.

So do you really want a review of the movie? Does it really even matter? If you're on the Twilight bandwagon, you probably don't care. You're going to see the movie regardless of a good or bad review. I woke up this morning and read the Dallas Morning News review of the movie, which was a horrible D rating, but it didn't give me a one second pause about whether or not I was going to see the movie.

Like the first movie, this one follows along very closely to the book. Except in my head, all of the vampires are way, way better looking than in the movie. Obviously, I liked my visions better. Except Edward. Well, Edward minus the weird lipstick, pale make-up and eyeliner. In my head, Edward looked like Rob Pattinson when he's on a talk show. Which is pretty much as described in the book: perfection.

I had started the Twilight saga several weeks ago, but after I read New Moon, I made myself stop until the movie came out. Now that I've seen it, I'm ready for the next installment- Eclipse. Ready to have more Edward, and maybe not so much Jacob. Ready to find out if Bella and Edward will get married, if Bella will eventually become a vampire, if Victoria will come back and what will happen when she does, if Jacob and Edward will eventually have it out...- what is going to happen?

And then in another year, I'll be back in the theater to see Eclipse on the big screen. (But not as beautiful as it is in my head...)

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Valerie said...

I've resisted my sister's efforts to get me on the Twilight bandwagon, BUT...I totally got your title reference! :o)