Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adam Lambert Controversy!

I may be alone here, and that's fine if I am-
But I think all this hoopla over Adam Lambert on the AMAs is a little ridiculous.

After reading some posts on FaceBook about how "gross" and "inappropriate" his performance was, I had to look it up and watch it on YouTube, since I missed the show.

Is this really so offensive to people in this day and age? Nobody's clothes were off, no laws were broken, and no one got hurt, so what really is the big deal? I feel like I've seen this kind of stuff done before on shows, in concerts, at award shows, in movies, and on the dance floors. And if anyone's very familiar with Adam Lambert, he is a singer, but he's also a performer, he's also edgy, and hello?, he's gay! So maybe his sexy dance moves or a little different than a heterosexual male's, but it's no more or less offensive to me.

This is not the kind of stuff that offends me. This is not the kind of stuff I get up in arms about. This is not the kind of thing that really hurts anyone. So what is the big deal?

*By the way, what I do think is a big deal is that this is my 400th post! ;)


Valerie said...

Love what you wrote. You put it so much better than I did, but this is what I meant. ;o)

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

kerri said...

you said it well too, my friend!
great minds think alike-- ;)