Friday, November 20, 2009

15 (or 14)

I've picked the 15 songs that will be on my upcoming cd. Although, if I can't come up with a different bridge, one of them is going to get tossed off. And I mean it.

Picking which songs I wanted to include has been hard. I feel so bad saying "no, not you" to the ones that have potential if only I would spend a little more time on them and shine them up. But just because I'm turning my back on them for now, doesn't mean they're lost forever. Maybe when I come back to them months or even years from now, I'll have a new approach and I'll know just what to do to make them so much better.

But for now, I'm focusing in on the 15 that flowed out easiest from the start. And that jumped out at me the most as I listened back over my initial demo recordings.

I think my next cd is going to be my best yet. That's got to always be the intention, right? It would be silly to make one if I thought, "Well, it won't be my best but I'm gonna make it anyway..." I like to always think that my best work is always ahead of me.

Some of the new ones will sneak there way on to my set lists, (truthfully, I very rarely make a set list, but somewhere inside my head each night, there must be one!) but I'd like to keep them more or less on the down low so when the new cd is ready, no one will know what's gonna be on it. Just 15, or maybe 14, new songs. And better than my last batch.

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