Monday, November 9, 2009

Sting: "If On a Winter's Night..."

It's a little too early to buy a Christmas cd, but Sting so brilliantly put one out called "If On a Winter's Night...", so it doesn't technically fit the category. It's not disgusting to buy it in early November. It doesn't have any of the standard holiday songs that we all get so sick of hearing by the end of each season.

I used to love Sting. I loved the Police, and then liked his first several solo projects. But I've lost some interest over the years.

But there was a single I somehow ran across years ago called "Lullaby for an Anxious Child" and I knew it finally made it's way onto a cd- this brand new one. So as soon as it was available I bought it.

I just broke it out today to listen to it while I crock potted and cleaned my house.

What the hell is happening to Sting's voice??? He went from the raspy voice singing "Roxanne" to this very deep, very proper sounding voice. It sorta sounds like after all these years, he decided to take some classical voice lessons. It barely even sounds like him at times. But it does match the sound of the music he's created for this cd. I'm not sure yet that I like it. All I know is, it's different. (But just on certain songs.)

It's the kind of cd I will never run to, and will probably not put in my car to drive around to, but I'll play it on a lazy Sunday morning while Fermin and I read thru the big, fat, Sunday paper. Perhaps eating our sweet potato pancakes at the same time. And I can play it without cringing well into February!


darren said...

I haven't really listened to Sting since after Ten Summoner's Tales.

My goto 'Christmas CD' is not really a Christmas CD. It's George Wiston's 'December' album.

kerri said...

I love that George Winston cd too! It's another one that is a "winter" cd, but not necessarily Christmas.