Thursday, November 12, 2009


One of my pet peeves is people who complain about how busy they are. I hate it when people do that. And by that, I mean the people who do it often. We're all busy in our own lives. Are the people who say that really any busier than the rest of us? Life is busy.

Being "busy"... Sometimes it's fun stuff, sometimes it's not fun stuff, sometimes it's exciting, and sometimes it's mundane. You might be busy reading a book, or taking a long walk, or getting your kids ready for school, or sitting in a boring meeting at work, or planning a trip, or lining up new gigs. But it all fills up time, and it's all a part of life, and it's all busy.

Using being busy as an excuse is just annoying. It feels almost insulting when someone says it to me. If someone apologizes for not calling me for a while and says something lame like, "Sorry I haven't called...I've just been so busy", it feels like they think I have just been sitting idly waiting on their call.

But I've been busy.

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Valerie said...'s like you were reading my mind! I've been trying to schedule a lunch with someone for two months. The next best date she suggested? Mid-December! Is she really THAT busy that she can't get away for an hour or two until December? I don't know anyone *that* busy. All it does is make me feel that I'm just not that important in her life. You're right--it is insulting. Oh well.