Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The last month or so I've put in a lot of time weeding through not only these 50 songs I wrote for the "50/90" contest, but some others too. It actually became a little overwhelming.

But I slapped many of the decent songs on my iPod and have been taking lots of walks listening to the original recordings. After listening over and over, I got a much better feel for the ones that have some potential.

So now, I'm just re-working those. Making some lyric changes, some key changes, some tempo changes... singing and playing them over and over until I start to feel like they belong to me, or I belong to them.

My next cd will be signed, sealed and delivered within 6 months. That's my goal. I'm posting it here to hold myself accountable. By May 10th. Who knows, it might be even sooner, but it definitely will not be later!

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