Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well, Hello Kitty!

I go to Masala Wok in Richardson pretty often. About once every week or two. I usually order the same thing. And I usually order it from a girl who has barely ever engaged in any conversation or said hi to me. And I've never seen her smile. I don't mind and I'm not complaining- I'm just saying.

Yesterday when I went up to the counter to order, I laid my keys on the counter and pulled out my wallet. (As I think I probably do ever time I go there, and I've been going for years...) Both my keychain and my wallet are Hello Kitty. The counter girl noticed and said, "Oh, you like Hello Kitty?"

Which then led to a conversation about our mutual love for Kitty. She told me where to go to find a bunch of Hello Kitty merchandise that I didn't already know about. And then after this brief conversation about Kitty, whenever she walked past me, she'd look over and smile.

All because of Kitty.

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