Friday, September 11, 2009

Procrastination Succeeds

Some days, you gotta write some crap to pave way for (hopefully) something better that is soon to come!

Anyway, here's a little song about one of my worst habits. I was reading an article in Psychology Today about procrastination. Loved that it explained the big difference between laziness and procrastination. Sometimes I feel lazy because of how little of value I've actually gotten done in a day. But yet, I've done a lot! Anyway, the article explains that if I was just lazy, my lack of productivity wouldn't even bother me. It's the guilt that seems to set the two apart.

Procrastination Suxceeds

Oh it's hard to get started, I slept in too late
Yeah I've been delayed from the start
Yesterday was put off until today
And now today's turning into tomorrow

Anxiety builds and I'm feeling the guilt of what didn't get done because

I get distracted and then I don't take action
Something less important supersedes
and procrastination succeeds

I could make excuses, explain it away
I was loaded with emails and errands today
but the truth of it is there was plenty of time
if I hadn't have spent all those hours online..


I'm not lazy or sluggish or slovenly
I've got intentions, it's just nobody sees because


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