Friday, September 11, 2009


Is there nothing better than finding some loose change in a pocket? Yes, dollar bills! And EVEN better than that? Finding an unused Starbucks giftcard in a drawer just when I was needing it most!

It was a Christmas giftcard- It's been mine all along. For about 9 months or so. But it's like a brand new gift for me today because I had forgotten all about it.

So I tried to think back. Who was this fabulous person that so generously gave me this sweet little Starbucks card? And then I remembered! When I bought a Starbucks giftcard for a friend, I decided to buy one for myself as well. I stuck it in a drawer in my kitchen and didn't think about it again until seeing it today.

Great gift idea, Kerri! So kind of you to think of me. Now lemme go buy you something at Starbucks!!!

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