Sunday, September 27, 2009


There are two things in particular that I love to do, that I know are good for me, that I make a part of my every day life, BUT that I'm unable to do right now. Running and sleeping.

I've been having this weird pain for a while that's continued to get worse and worse. It started off like just a tight inner thigh muscle. First, it was hard to sit cross legged. Then I couldn't do a lot of yoga poses. Then it started waking me up at night anytime I'd roll over, or move my leg much. It's now hurting when I run.

I haven't officially had it diagnosed with an MRI, but from everything my Physical Therapist can figure out, I have a "hip labral tear". He's been giving me a few stretches and different little exercises to see if they help. So far, nothing is helping.

And today I am pissed about it. Up until a few days ago, if I briskly walked for about 45 minutes, I could warm it enough enough to walk on it, but today even after walking for 1 1/2 hours, I couldn't get to a point of being able to run on it without pain. Crapola.

It's times like these I need to remind myself of all the stuff I'm thankful for. Just in regards to this little current frustration, I am thankful for:
Great weather for walking.
White Rock Lake!!!
The fact that I have two legs and can walk!
The time in my day to take these long walks.
The financial means to seek treatment when I decide I have to have it.
Two little friends named Zoe and Scout that will happily accompany me shorter walks anytime of the day or night.
A husband that will pull on my leg. (That's part of my p.t. prescription, and you can't ask just anybody to pull on your leg!)
A bike!
A gym!
All the stuff I can still do without my leg hurting at all.

Okay, there.
I feel better already.
I really am grateful. I have been bitching and moaning in my head all morning and perhaps now, at least for today, I'm DONE!

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