Monday, September 28, 2009

This is Love

I had a little technological hiccup last night and had trouble posting yesterday's song. WHAT in the world would I have done if I hadn't have worked it out? But fortunately, the little glitch is all worked out. Whew.

I'm down to the wire- I've got to write a new song each day this week until this challenge ends on Thursday. If I have time, I'll post them all.

This is song #47. May your week be full of LOVE!

It's hot and then it's cold. It won't fit into a mold.
It's black and then it's white.
It's complicated so you better think twice

(chorus) oh this is love
love, love, love
or something above
love, love, love (x2)

For better and for worse, it's the last thing and it's the first
I've known it all along
but sometimes I still get it all wrong...


it holds me down, and it spins me 'round
it picks me up, and it crashes me down

It's old and still it's new
It's me and I've added you
It's a little snapshot of everything I've learned
It's a picture growing softer, but it won't turn


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