Friday, September 4, 2009

An Accidental Turn

It's a little ironic that this song is about making mistakes and learning from them. I made several mistakes in the making of this particular video. But being brave, like the songs advises, I went ahead and put it up and out there into the world of YouTube.

I learned today lamps don't make great lighting in a video.
I also learned that the ticking of my coo-coo clock apparently makes me bob my head excessively so as to keep the time of my song, rather than the ticking. I could stop the clock, and after watching this head bobbing thing on video, I probably will next time.
I wrote this song very late last night- So late, it's actually referred to as early morning. I wanted to go ahead and record it before the weekend arrived, but perhaps practicing a song a little more before recording it would be helpful.

So, here's the song- It's called "An Accidental Turn".

Take a deep breath and jump right in
There's a big blue ocean for you to swim in
An empty white sketchbook for you to fill
You've got some broken crayons and time to kill

So be brave, and don't ask
Being told the answers only holds you back

Color outside of the perfect square
'cause nothing's really perfect and life's not fair
You learn the most from the falls you take
Your heart grows stronger once it breaks


you're meant to make mistakes both small and great
an accidental turn is how you learn

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