Monday, January 12, 2009

Serious Sox Offender

Being the little Suzie Homemaker that I am, I decided to clean out my husband's sock drawer today. Not so much for him, but for me. It is a huge source of frustration each week as I put away the laundry and have to force in the freshly cleaned pairs of socks. I have to be very careful and hold them all down as I push the drawer in. It's quite crowded in there. And I ask myself, "How many pairs of socks does one man need?"

So today, I counted. Apparently, my man thinks he needs 54 pair and 9 strays. Here is what his over-crowded sock drawer looked like:

Sometimes I get a little behind on the laundry but COME ON??!!

I unloaded the strays, along with 14 stretched out or faded looking pairs. Now he's down to a slim 40 pairs of socks. Still, far too many in my opinion, but to avoid any kind of freak out, I thought I'd not do anything too extreme. The sock drawer is still quite full. However, I can now pull the drawer in and out, pretty easily without any socks getting stuck along the way. See image below...

I hope to do his underwear drawer next. Mainly just so I can take pictures of his underwear and post them!


darren said...

I went through the same exercise recently and found 6 or 7 socks without a partner. I'm not sure how many socks I have, but 54 sounds like it is in the ball park.

The issue here is that antique dresser. It's pretty, but it's like owning a 1950s house. There's no storage! It wasn't designed for a modern day man! (note: I grunted like a manly man after typing that last sentence).

I find your husband completely innocent of this sox offender charge.

Valerie said...

Too funny. I just cleaned out my sock drawer last week--mainly because the whole drawer broke and fell out of the dresser--it was like a warning or something. I had 6 strays that kept until I did full load of laundry and then I was left with 4. Seriously. Where do those socks go?

Anyway, I just wanted to comment that I love the front page of your website--I usually come straight to the blog through a bookmark, but this time I went through the link from the message you left earlier. You photos are great!

kerri said...

thanks, valerie!
wow- your drawer fell out- yes, i think that was a sign.

darren, why do mean of the 2000's need more sox than men of the 50's??? the drawers that worked back then should still be just fine...