Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My New Blog- Get Ready, Because It's Coming!

Sometimes I come up with an idea that seem so great at the time. I kick it around, sleep on it, and then usually, by the next day I've talked myself out of any forward movement with it.

What if I just did it? What if I at least started on it, before I talked myself out of it? I'm sure I'd find many of these ideas aren't, in fact, worth pursuing. But maybe, just maybe, some of them are.

So tonight, I have this idea. I keep kicking it around. But before I even sleep on it, I'm throwing my idea out here, on this blog.

Here's first some background information, and idea!

Last time I made a cd it took me a long time. Sure, I had my reasons, ranging from losing my mom, to getting new recording software and having to learn to use it. But then months and months and months passed and the longer I waited, and the more I avoided it, the more daunting the task became. I have vowed to myself that making a cd will never take me that long again.

This past year, I wrote a lot of songs. I participated in an on-line challenge called simply "50 Songs in 90 Days". I've had in mind for a while now that my next cd would be called "90 Days" and I would salvage the best of those 50 songs.

At this point, the task seems big. So big I seem to already be avoiding it. I'm avoiding listening to those songs. I'm resisting sitting down and editing them.

So the idea I had today was, "How 'bout creating a blog all about the making of the cd?" It would be a great way to hold myself accountable, to keep moving forward, and hopefully entertain some visitors to my site. I thought I might post some songs, and perhaps invite feedback on which songs go on the cd, the order, etc. I thought I might tell a bit about the process as it is for me. I'm not sure what will come up, but I think at least for me, it will be a pretty cool journey.

Why not? I might wake up tomorrow and ask myself, "What were you thinking?!" But right now, the idea sounds great. Right now I'm excited about it. Right now I can't see any reason why I wouldn't want to do this. I love blogging, and I love looking back on something and seeing how far I've come.

So right now, my only question is, what can I call my new blog?
Watch for it on my site, because I'm just going to do it!

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