Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Cure All

I often brag that I never get sick. That I haven't been sick in years. About a week ago, my throat was feeling a little funny but it never amounted to anything.  My husband got sick, but nope- not me!

I've attributed my dodging of flus and colds over the years to simply getting enough sleep. Whenever I feel the slightest thing coming on, I nap.  I guess that's when my immune system really goes nuts and fights!

But last night I woke up with a full blown (no pun intended) cold.  So today, I've put my neti pot to good use.  And I've napped most of the day.  Napped so much in fact, that rather than dreaming, I've been hallucinating.

And not to brag, or jinx myself, but I'm already feeling so much better.  So I'm sticking with my motto that sleep is a cure all.  I am on my way to a gig, believe it or not- But it's a short one. And then, it's back to the couch!

Then I'll be up an at 'em in no time at all.

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