Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Because I'm sick with a cold, and ONLY because I am sick with a cold, I tuned into the Tyra Banks show today. (To be totally honest, I watched it yesterday as well and the preview for today's show piqued my curiosity so I came back for more.)

The topic of the show was Internet Addiction. There were girls on the show confessing that their use of the internet had destroyed relationships, cost them their jobs, and caused them significant weight gain. Several of them revealed that they spend 5 or more hours a day on the internet...Facebook, Myspace, and just "surfing the net". Some of the girl's said they couldn't stop checking the celebrity gossip sites. They have a need to be up to the minute on current events. But when asked who the Presidential VPs for this year were, they didn't know. They were close, though! One girl guessed the two VPs running were McCain and Obama. Another one got even closer saying "Palin and....something that starts with a B". This year it seemed the press (and internet!) made the candidates into celebrities. So how did this information get past these internet junkies?

Just like drug addiction, these girls were consumed by the internet and lost interest in pretty much everything else in their lives. (Except food, apparently.) Tyra did some interventions, shed a little light on the dangers of this addiction and I immediately decided to get online and post a blog about it. But I am not an addict.

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Kris Hundt said...

I don't feel so bad about being on Facebook, now. I do have a life outside my computer.