Thursday, January 15, 2009

She Doesn't Have to Shave


Women have it so hard. It begins when we are girls. Puberty and all those weird hormones. It's so embarrassing when boobs start growing and your mom takes you to get your first bra. Then when you start your period it is scary- blood always is!

Then we have to be careful not to get pregnant at the "wrong" time, and then we sometimes have to work hard to get pregnant at the "right" time. Some of us (it seems, most of us) go thru child birth. Ouch. Some of us do not. Ouch.

We have to get mammograms. We have to get pap smears. All super fun events that we do pretty regularly once we get to a certain age. But we get them to prevent bad stuff from happening, or rather to catch things early if it does.

We deal with PMS and periods every single month. UNTIL, we start going thru perimenopause. And then menopause. And then we only wish we could get back to having those damn regular monthly periods.

But at least we women do not have to shave our faces!

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