Thursday, March 27, 2008

My $5.30 Dress

A week or two ago, my sweet husband passed along $50 worth of coupons toward a purchase at Macy's to me. Today was my 3rd and final day at Macy's trying to spend that money.

Isn't that just the way the buying/spending thing goes- When you've got money to burn you can't find a thing?

The first day of my dress-hunt was madness. I'm not much of a mall shopper. Last time I shopped at Macy's, it was Macy's at the Galleria. But the other day I found myself in a very different sort of Macy's. Things have changed since Foley's at Northpark became Macy's. And by changed, I mean: Nothing about it wows me. I found a couple of "ok" dresses priced around $90, but kept telling myself I could find better crap at Marshall's for $19.99. I tried on a few things, but nothing made me want to spend not only my coupons, but throw down a credit card to pay the balance.

The next day, I happened to be at the mall for something entirely different, so I showed my friend the dresses being considered, but he wasn't so wowed either. And again, I walked away.

Today I made the decision, "I WILL find something to buy. And I'm going to love it."
Right as I walked in the store I found a very cool purse. I decided the purse could be my plan B. If there was no wowing-me-dress out there on one of those crowded racks, there was always the cute purse!

This time, I saw all these dresses I somehow missed the other day. $80 dresses I might find at Marshall's for more like $29.99. So I tried on about 5 dresses while my friend, Michael, waited for me out in the little room where I think Mom's usually sit while their teenage daughters try stuff on. I came out and modeled all of the dresses. We didn't agree on any of the 5. I didn't really care, and I was happily off to buy the purse, and forgo any of the dresses.

But then, a saleslady and my friend spotted a dress up on the wall I hadn't yet tried. And it wowed all of us. The saleslady told me I'd be the "hottest mama" in Mexico if I bought it. (I'm going to MX in May.) And who doesn't want to be the hottest mama in Mexico, honestly?

Once it was all said and done with my coupons, and the surprise of an additional 30% off, my grand total was $5.30. C'mon! No discount store would even TOUCH that. With all money saved today, I just might go back and buy the cute purse...


Monica said...

Very cute dress! Where in mexico are you going?

kerri said...

Which wouldn't be my first choice, b/c it seems so reminiscent of S. Padre when I was in highschool.
But it's a "business" trip. Any trip to a beach sounds good...