Sunday, March 23, 2008


Last night I went to the Spring Equinox MoonLady Celebration here in Dallas. I always think the Moonlady events are fun, and full of interesting people, and it lived up to that expectation again last night.

All I'll say is this:

I saw a man playing an electric harp, while another man with long, long gray hair, wearing pointy-curly-toed wooden shoes (like some weird elf) sang a Cole Porter song with an operatic voice. At the end of their performance a man in the audience was applauding and whistling, clearly VERY impressed with their rendition and then he yelled out, "HOT DOG!!!"

Hot Diggity, I love Moonlady Night!


Anonymous said...

Didn't you perform there before? That was really worthy of a HOTDOG!

Anonymous said...