Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How To Recover

As you may know, if you are a regular reader of my blog (and if you are, THANKS!), my dog Scout is recovering from big surgery she had just last Friday. Basically, the easiest fix for a torn ligament in a dog's leg is to break and reset the bone. (OUCH) The vet told us that if Scout were a human, she'd be in bed, not moving around at all the first week or so.

But not my Scout! Today she got her stitches removed and I was given the thumbs up for taking her on very short walks already. I think this is what she's been praying for, if she prays.

Scout has been a model patient. She's done everything you're suppose to do when your body is trying to heal.

She has taken all her meds as directed. She even took all her penicillin until it was gone! She laid in her bed as directed. She got plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of rest. She may have felt grouchy, but she never said a cross word to any of us. She hasn't seemed to worry about how long this situation is going to last, she just sort of took it day by day. She went to her follow up doctors appointment just like she was suppose to. Even though nearly half of her body is shaved, she's not vain enough to care. She knows her beauty is NOT what it's all about right now.

Cesar Milan always says that dogs live in the moment. Yes, it's true. Scout's not worrying about when she's going to run again. She's not feeling sorry for herself. She's not thinking that her age is making things harder. She's still happy when I pet her, happy when it's time to eat, happy to lay on her pillow beside Zoe,...just happy for all the nice moments that make up her days.

I must add, not only has Scout been a trooper thru all of this, but so has Zoe. She's been calm and gentle, she hasn't been braggy about the walks she still gets to take, she doesn't complain that Scout gets to eat cheese (that disguises her pills), and she never once laughed at Scout's new funny haircut.

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