Thursday, March 6, 2008

That Is So High School

Last night was the premiere episode of "High School Reunion" on TVLand. (And I think it re-airs on VH-1 in a couple of days.) I'm not sure it's really interesting for the masses, but for me... OH MY!

Because both my husband and I graduated with all of these people! We're also from the graduating class of Pearce 1987.

And as I watch it, and get so much satisfaction about the train wreck I am watching, I realize that I am reverting back to a high school mentality myself. I am watching with probably WAY too much interest. I know nothing about these people's real lives (although, through the grapevine I have heard a few things-). But yet, I want "The Stud" to fall flat on his face, and I want "The Popular Girl" to look fat in her swimsuit.

And I wonder, if I had been on the show, what would my title have been? Most of these people's title on the show don't seem all that accurate- "The Bully" was really one of the nicest guys around. I'm pretty sure "The Lesbian" has a lot more going on than just her sexual preference. "The Pipsqueak" was not at all the little dork they have made him out to be. And by the way, "The Popular Girl" wasn't very popular at all. However, she apparently got pretty popular after high school, because she has been married 4 times!

I guess to make the show the way the producers wanted it to be, they had to put these people into little Breakfast Club-like boxes. I guess they know what sells. And, even though I know better, I will be buying it for the next 5 weeks.

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Valerie said...

Oh wow--it is close to you, isn't it?! Thanks for reminding me about this. I'm curious to see it too, because my 20th reunion is coming up in October. I'm so anxious to see what people are like now!