Thursday, March 13, 2008

Slap Him!

I think it would've been so cool and even more, so REAL if Gov. Eliot Spitzer's wife had slapped him as she stood beside him while he announced his resignation after being busted in a prostitution scandal.

We've seen this kind of thing before. The wife of a politician stands by her man when he suffers some sort of public humiliation- When he's had an affair, or announced that he's been lying about being straight, etc. He's apologizing to the public, even though it's really not their business anyway. But his wife is dutifully standing by and we all wonder, "Why?"

I'm sure much of the reason is shock. Sort of like when my mother-in-law told me I looked like I had put on weight. (Although I realize, that isn't as painful as what Ms. Spitzer is dealing with. But in my little world, it had me reeling.) I just sort of stood there like a deer (or perhaps a pig) caught in the headlights. I had no words, no good comebacks, nor did I bitch-slap her. But maybe I wouldn't still be carrying this weight around (HA!) if I had.

I don't admire Ms. Spitzer, or other women who have been in similar situations, for standing by her man. But I do feel really bad for her. And it would make me feel so much better- and she might feel better too- if she would RAGE on Gov. Spitzer, publicly. That private rage isn't really the public's business either, but now that we're involved anyway, let's really dig in.

People make mistakes all the time. They do things they're ashamed of and they treat people they love badly. I'm not condemning that because I am human, too. But let's all be human. If we're hurt, we can show it! And we don't always have to stand beside our man!

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Anonymous said...

I think his wife did the right thing. That's what she's suppose to do.