Friday, April 4, 2008

AFI Film Festival

The AFI Film Festival has been going on here in Dallas for nearly two weeks. And being the movie buff that I am, it seems astonishing that yesterday was the first day I actually went and checked out some movies. It's only going on a few more days and I feel sad about what I've missed out on.

My friend and I went and saw 2 films yesterday. They were both shown at a theater I go to all the time. I'm so glad we went to two because it made me feel a little more official. And it made it feel more important than just the average day at a movie. This was instead an above average day at two movies! But apparently, we were not as official as some of our fellow attendees. One lady we talked to had seen 16 films over the past week and a half. She also had brought her little bird with her, so the bird had also seen 16 films. I spoke with a guy who had what looked to be a backstage AFI pass around his neck. I knew he must be important. So I asked. His dad was important- Board of directors or something like that, so there's no telling how many films this kid had been to.

Oh, but next year., year I'm dedicating myself to that festival. I jumped on the wagon a little late this time around. But I'm determined to get to more movies next year than that lady and her bird could even imagine!

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