Saturday, April 5, 2008

Puppy Mills

I watched Oprah's show last week exposing the horrible world of Puppy Mills. I had no idea! I watched the footage with my hand up to my face- It was hard to watch. The puppies are in crowded, uncomfortable and very dirty cages. The poor females that are there to reproduce spend their whole lives having way more puppies than any dog should ever have- They're bred every single heat cycle. And they said these dogs have never been outside of the cages. In fact, when they rescue some of them, the dogs can't even walk normally on grass. They have all sorts of health problems and, I'm sure, emotional problems.

So what can we do? Well, they talked about adopting from rescue shelters. Even if you're breed specific, you can find who you're looking for. (The last place you should ever buy a pet from is a pet store!) Also, spay and neuter you pets- Even if you think, "Well, MY dog doesn't need that because he/she stays inside, or in the yard." Boy dogs will jump fences when they smell a girl dog during that time of the month. And, it's actually good for their health to have that quick and simple procedure done. Bob Barker was right all along! PLEASE,SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS!

I looked at Zoe and Scout- so happy for the life they have, and grateful for the other life they never had to experience. They didn't come from a puppy mill but instead they've always gotten lots of love and attention, they have a big yard to roam around in, pillows to lay on, they go on fun walks every day, and they get regular check ups...The simple things that ALL dogs deserve.

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