Monday, October 29, 2007

I "Heart" Boobs

This past weekend was full of many wonderful things. And I'll probably write several posts this week about them.

One of the highlights was one I didn't expect at all.

When I took off for my run on Sunday, I got SO lucky. I happened to be running at the lake at the same time that hundreds, probably thousands, of people where on the final day of the 3 day, 60 mile walk for Breast Cancer.

Gobs of people, mainly women were dressed in pink- Many had shirts on with pictures of loved ones that said, "In Loving Memory of..." There were groups of people- Families, friends... There were even men, altho they were far out numbered by the women.

I saw a shirt that said I "Heart" Boobs. If I had seen someone wearing it anywhere else, I might have sort of rolled my eyes. But on THAT day, that shirt had such great meaning.

I also saw a few people with hat/visors made from bras- I also saw a guy wearing a helmet that he made look like a boob by putting a nipple in the middle of it. I saw a group of men wearing matching t-shirts that said, "Team Husbands".

People carried signs and banners- "Hope", "Healing", "Love",....
Hundreds and hundreds of people. I ran for 5 miles, and I never ran out of people to look at that moved me. I was either smiling, or fighting back tears during my entire run. To see a huge group of people, walking together for a purpose- It's powerful.

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