Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Licking Champion

This weekend I attended and performed at a cool benefit for Weimaraner Rescue (as well as so many other dog rescue groups I think, because many were there) called Mutts, Mystics and Moon Pies.

I got to bring my two biggest fans, Zoe and Scout. I sort of felt like I finally got to have my "Take Your Daughter(s) To Work Day".

While I was singing, there was a Face Licking Contest. The human partner squirted whipped cream all over their face, and then the dog partner was to lick it off. Whoever licked off all of whipped cream first was the winner. I felt so honored to get to play during such an event. But the most exciting part of it was that my dog Scout and my husband, Fermin, were the winning team!!!

Scout was awarded a set of 6 balls. My dogs, for whatever reason, have never understood the fetch concept, and just don't really play with toys in general. This morning, I got out all of the balls and started throwing them around. My dogs just watched as they rolled by.

The real reward for Scout was just getting to eat the whipped cream! She never gets to (a) eat human food or (b) lick Fermin's face. When she was a puppy she was very licky. Fermin use to have to tell her "NO" in his "I'm-the-boss-of-you" voice. So yesterday, she was at first reluctant to break what have always been the rules. But even with the several second delayed start, she was still the crowned The Licking Champion.

I am such a proud parent!

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