Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Annie's Got Soul!

I'm here to give you my report on the Annie Lennox concert I went to on Sunday that I had previously mentioned on my blog.

I think it was so smart to go by myself- I think I appreciated it all the more. I didn't have to think about if the person I was with was happy... I was completely sucked into the performance and the music.

Annie started with "No More I Love You's" and I sort of started crying. Actually, there were several moments I sort of felt like crying. She is just such a cool iconic figure. And she's really dramatic and commanding, and just everything you'd expect. And of course, her voice is phenomenal. The whole thing from start to finish was very awe-inspiring.

Almost every song you associate with Annie, she performed. Even "Thorn in My Side"!!! And the older ones she made sound a little newer. And she sang about 3 songs from her new cd. And now after listening to the cd each time in my car, I'm realizing I love that cd as much as her others...

I'm currently sort of Annie-obsessed. I've brought out my old Eurythmics cds, and all of Annie's solo stuff. And it's all just so great! I'm even considering chopping off my hair and bleaching it. I recently bought the IPOD shuffle and so today I've been loading Annie on there. So I can't wait for my next run.


Valerie said...

I'm gonna have to see if she's coming to the DC area. I hope I haven't missed her! Glad you had a good time.


kerri said...

I hope you get to see her, Valerie! I know you'll love it-