Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Old Yeller

The weather has finally turned a little chill and that is such a welcomed thing. It seemed wrong to be picking up pecans that had fallen but sweating in 90 degree weather and being bit by mosquitoes at the same time.

I always love this time of year when we can pull out our sweaters, sweats, etc- LOVE it. But it also means I'm about to be seeing way too much of my husband's favorite fleece sweatshirt.

When this shirt was bought, way back in the '80's, it actually wasn't that bad. But over years and years it has faded, become unstitched and restitched, gotten pill-y, shrunk up in and stretched out, and gone WAY out of style (altho, it probably was never really in style). But my otherwise metro-sexual husband, for whatever reason, still loves it.

He even named it years ago. Old Yeller. I've been hearing him sing that song when he wears it, or is looking to wear it, for years. A long time ago, probably 7 years ago, my mom tried buying him a replacement, but New Yeller just didn't stick. Old Yeller is to Fermin what the blanket is to Linnus. He will not give it up.

He called me on his way home from work yesterday. Like everyone else in town seems to be, we're excited about this big weather change. I told him I was making tortilla soup. I also said maybe, "Hey, maybe we could make a fire tonight!" He asked me if I thought it was really that cold. "No, it isn't that cold, but doesn't that sound nice?!" And then he said, "Yeah, hmmm. Hey, I think it's time for Old Yeller!"

Really? Do you think it's REALLY that cold?

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Jean Paul Gaultier said...

Your husband has what we call in the "biz", ecletic style. May I ask who designed the vintage pull over?