Friday, October 5, 2007


I have never gone to a concert by myself before, but that will be changing next weekend for Annie Lennox. Her album called "Revenge" got me thru my first heartbreak, and I feel I owe it to her to be there.

She's playing at McFarland Auditorium at SMU. I've performed there as well. How cool is that?- I will have sort of shared the stage with Annie! Altho, when I performed there, I was about 7 years old and it was a tap dance recital, so it's not as cool as it might have first sounded.

Anyway, she's playing the Sunday after my high school reunion- next weekend. I wanted my friend, Kelly to go with me, since she'll be in town for the reunion. But she's flying out earlier that day. So, as my husband was taking a nap on the couch last weekend, I was on the phone with Ticketmaster reserving tickets, assuming he'd want to go. However, when I got the sort of pricey total of the tickets read out to me by the robotic operator I said, "Honey!! Wake up: FAST! Annie Lennox $180!!! Wanna go?" (we had no previous discussion that Annie Lennox was coming in town or anything, so I think my style of invite this time perhaps wasn't all that enticing) and he said he really had no desire to see her at all and went back to sleep. I guess Annie didn't mean to him what she means to me.

Like I said, "Revenge" got me thru my first broken heart back in the 80s. So after thinking it over later that night in the bathtub, I decided I'd love to just go to this concert alone. For just one ticket, it's about the price of a massage. And if I can treat myself to a massage every couple of months, I can certainly treat myself to ANNIE LENNOX!

She just released a new cd, which I of course bought the day it came out. It's no "Revenge", but it's Annie! And if she could just sing "Thorn in My Side" it would slide me right back into the 80's, my heartache, my anger, and it would be the perfect ending to my high school reunion weekend!

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