Friday, November 9, 2007

Yesteday My Car Had Freckles

I LOVE my Beetle. And usually, I'm very good about keeping it clean. I hand wash it myself, not really trusting what the carwash's heavy duty brushes might do to the convertible top.

But lately...urgh!- I've let it get filthy. I kept meaning to take it in for some maintanance, and I know they give it a wash there, so I kept waiting. But days kept going by, I kept forgetting to plan to take it into the shop, and it got dirtier and dirtier.

Then yesterday, I parked under a tree. A tree that evidently was a pit stop for LOTS of birds. I was ashamed and embarassed as I ran my errands afterwards. The hood of my car had become an unflushed toilet for birds and it wasn't pretty.

By the time I got my errand running done, I had so little time left that I decided to stop by the carwash right by my house that just opened. I knew just this one time wouldn't hurt my convertible top. I hadn't been to any car wash in a while, let alone a brand new one, so I was a little surprised when the attendant told me it would cost $13! That seemed steep.

But it wasn't. My car was sparkling by the time they got thru with it. There were about 4 guys drying it off and making it pretty while I sat and read a magazine.

My car's freckles, also known as bird shit, are now washed away. If it hadn't been for the birds, I probably never would have gone to that carwash, but I'm so very glad I did. I think I'm going to rethink my opinion about what the carwash's brushes might do to the top. Next time my car has freckles, I'll know just where to take it!

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