Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I decided to throw some extra ingredients in with my leftover Indian food I was heating up today. At the restaurant yesterday, I ate some of the noodles and rice, all the vegetables and all the chicken. So, I thought it would be more nutritionally sound to throw in some broccoli and tofu today.

It looked delicious by the time I had it ready to eat! And perhaps, if I hadn't been expecting to bite into Indian cuisine, I would've been happy and satisfied. But this didn't taste like Indian food anymore. My leftover Indian food had become Asian food.

How could this be? All I did was add broccoli and tofu- NO flavorings of any kind. I assumed the stuff I added in would pick up the flavors of the existing food. Maybe all of it picked up the flavors of my wok instead. Or maybe seeing tofu tricks my head into tasting Asian food.

Oddly, this mix up of my flavors reminded me of two ladies in the knitting group I'm a part of. One of the women is Asian and the other is Indian. I have never thought that those two accents sound alike. But when I overhear them speaking softly to each other as they knit, I cannot understand either of them very well, but their accents sound so similar. If I closed my eyes, I could believe I was listening to two Indian women. And at the same time, I could believe it was two Asian women.

Same deal with my food. I've never thought that Indian food could taste like Asian food. Maybe everything and everyone is just more related than they at first seem.

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