Monday, April 13, 2015

Vintage Daisy Earrings- Before and After

I had listed these cute enamel daisy earrings in my Resparkable Vintage shop over at during the summer, last year. 
1960s Blue Daisy Enamel Clip Earrings
Lots of people "favorited" the earrings, but no one bought them. 

Listings expire on Etsy after 3 months if no one buys the item.  The seller can either choose to relist, or not.

I didn't relist these earrings, but I did end up repurposing them just the other day.  I think clip earrings can be a hard sell, because really, who wears clip earrings these days?  (A few people, I know! My sister is one of them! But most people wear pierced earrings.) So I was able to make this pair of clip earrings into not just one cute new pair of pierced earrings...

Repurposed Vintage Earrings
but two!
Dangle Drop Enamel Flower Earrings
I'm so in love with them that I think I'm keeping the small pair for myself.  The slightly larger pair will be available in my Resparkable Vintage shop later today.

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