Friday, April 10, 2015

Is Less More?

The Rolling Stones are coming to Dallas (Technically, Arlington- Close enough).  For the first time in ten years.  And it's their only stop in this great state of Texas!
The Rolling Stones- Dallas Tour Date
The pre-sale tickets went on sale this past Wednesday for American Express card holders (which we are).  I started seeing lots of posts on Facebook about people getting their tickets.  I hadn't even remembered to get online for tickets until I started reading their gleeful posts.

And by the time I did, only one pair of tickets popped up, over and over.  And they were $419.  Each.  In a stadium.  I've seen Paul McCartney and U2 at this same stadium and sort of vowed to never go to a concert there again.  It's just so big, and as you probably know, sound quality isn't awesome in a stadium.

But this is The Stones.  This is Mick Jagger.  And this could very likely be the last time they play in (near) Dallas again.

Needing some advice, I texted my out-of-town husband, and asked him if I should buy the tickets. Although he'd like to go see them too (he claims "as much as" I do, but that cannot be proved or disproved), he thinks it might be smart to wait until the last minute, and buy them the day of the concert.  (We've had luck with this before, but there is risk involved.  Tickets may get scalped for a completely unreasonable price.  Or their might be too few available.) Waiting made me feel nervous.  But so did buying a pair of tickets for a little over $800.

So I asked a couple of my friends that bought tickets what section they were in and how much they paid.  One got a pair of floor tickets (good ones) for $800, and the other got floor tickets further back for $419, like the ones I was considering.  That's PER TICKET!

I got caught up in the idea that "everyone else is doing it".  And I'm a music lover!  And I love the Stones!  Of course I want this!!!  No matter the cost...Wild Horses couldn't drag me away from this concert!

BUT, I went on a long run before hitting the "purchase now" button.  And then I took a shower. My head cleared just enough to make me realize, maybe the wild horses couldn't drag me away from seeing the Rolling Stones in concert- but maybe $419 for stadium sound could.  Maybe it's just one night, and just one concert and not worth nearly a grand for the two of us.

Buying those tickets goes against my current mantra of less is more.

What I decided was simply not to be impulsive.  Maybe it will work out, and either we'll snag tickets for a decent price right before the concert, or maybe we'll skip it all together.  Maybe we'll just listen to our Stones CD that night and Fermin can do his best Mick Jagger moves for me.  And if that happened, he might just prove to me that...

 less can definitely be more.


Valerie said...

Ha! Great last line! $419 would be painful for me too. I don't know that there's anyone I'd pay that much to see. When Prince was here 12 to 15 years ago, we got nosebleed seats for $60 and a friend got floor seats for $150/apiece. I thought that was outrageous, but after seeing the show, know it would've been worth it. I don't think I could go over $200 though, even for Prince. That would hurt. I hope things work out and you get reasonably price tickets as the show gets closer. Good luck!

Kerri said...

i knowm valerie!! it's outrageous, the more i think about it. i want to see them, but not THAT bad.