Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Doodling, Sketching, Drawing, and Scribbling

This afternoon, I opened up this book that I recently picked up at the library~
The Doodle Revolution by Sunni Brown
If you're like me, your response when the subject of drawing comes up is, "I can't draw."  The author, Sunni Brown, tells us, simply, we are liars.  We CAN draw.  Or doodle. Or sketch. Or scribble. Whatever word you want to use. That is, assuming we have functional sets of eyes and hands.  No one says a doodle has to look like a lifelike representation of reality. Doodling is what kids happily do, and do it well.  So why not me?! 

Coincidentally, I had received an email from the "Uptown Dallas Sketch Group" Meet-Up group that I just ran across today.  So obviously, I took this as a little nudge from the universe and showed up at the meeting spot tonight.  I had attended it a few times in the past, but hadn't been in nearly 2 years. 

I was one of 18 people who showed up to draw tonight!  WOW.  That's a pretty big group of people to gather to sketch on a Wednesday night. 
the doodlers
Everyone in the group just kind of draws there own thing~ Some people sketch other people in the bookstore.  Some people copy a picture out of a book.  Some people just draw stuff from their imagination.  I think people like it because it gives us all a time and a place~ an appointment, if you will, for art.  art with a little a.

Here are my doodles of the night:
my iPhone case
panda images I looked up online and copied


Anonymous said...

OMG... I was checking my internet connection at the airport and put in and noticed your website goes directly to your blog. Nice sketches!! xoxo

Valerie said...

Your sketches look great! My aunt always has a sketch book with her--she sketches people when they're unaware...often at Grand Central Station or Central Park. Her art has definitely improved over the years as a result.

Kerri said...

surely i would improve if i carried it around with me like your aunt does- you kind of have to be brave to do that! but i really want to. thanks for the encouragement, val!