Thursday, April 23, 2015

My 1,000th Blog Post

When I realized the other day that my next blog post was going to be my 1,000th blog post I thought, "Wow.  I better come up with something good to say for that one!"

I got to work, writing about something that seemed really important at the moment. I slept on it, and when I looked at it the next morning, I sort of hated it.  It just didn't seem worthy of being my ONE THOUSANDTH BLOG POST. 
So I rewrote the whole thing.  But, I forgot to save my changes!  And although that was disappointing, it wasn't really a huge loss, because that particular post wasn't really all that great either. When I tried to start rewriting for the 3rd time, I froze up.  Even though there was a lot I wanted to say, I couldn't find the right way to say it.

Since that, I've just sort of been avoiding thinking about it or working on it.  I'm paralyzed by the legitimacy of the 1,000th post.  Which is so silly, right?

This morning I was thinking about it again and decided I'm just going to write this post and get it over with so I can move onto the non-pressured 1,001st post.

I've participated in on online songwriting challenge several times of writing 50 songs in 90 days.  And each time I've started the challenge, I made it to the end and achieved the goal of 50 songs.  They weren't 50 good songs.  Sometimes, I knew I had to write a bad one, just to be able to get to the next. And the next.  And eventually, I'd stumble upon a good one. Maybe even a great one.

In those challenges, I've learned over and over again how powerful it is to create something that isn't great. To create quality, you gotta create a lot of quantity. I am doomed for creative failure when I approach something thinking, "This has to be the best thing ever". 

So there it is.  Number 1,000. And now... I'm over it.

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