Friday, April 24, 2015

Sketchbook Skool Starts Today!

Creative License
For years, I've been meaning to make sketching a habit.  My interest started when I read Danny Gregory's book, Creative License.  He said that to really know and understand something, you need to draw it.  For a while, inspired by that book, I was on a roll, sketching on a pretty regular basis.  And I learned that what Danny said was true.  When you draw something, you really have to look at it. You think you know what something looks like, until you try to draw it.  Your brain sees it one way, and the reality of it can be something entirely different.

For those several weeks that I was on my sketching streak, I looked at everything differently.  And I liked it.

It's similar to when I'm writing songs.  I really learn how I feel about something when I write a song.  I guess the similarity might be simply about being in the present moment.  And I'm always trying to do that.  Because as I get older, I realize that life is short.  And I want to be right here in it.  Not rushing ahead.

So...  Sketching.  Drawing. Doodling. Maybe I can slow the world down for myself, just a little bit.  And see it in a whole new way.

Art Before Breakfast
Recently, I bought Danny's newest book, Art Before Breakfast.  Of course, I love the book. So much that I want to eat it, instead of my breakfast. (I wrote a post about this book you can go read if you'd like!)  When I'm into something, I'm really into it... So, I visited Danny's website, read several of his blog posts, and eventually read something about this Sketchbook Skool that he's involved with.  Then, I hopped over to the Sketchbook Skool website and read all about that and knew, this is what I've been looking for, for years!

I signed up for "Beginnings", and it starts today!  "Beginnings" is the first course in the Sketchbook Skool line up, taught by Danny Gregory and 5 other talented artists.  Each artist/teacher takes on a week of the class and gives lessons, insights and homework.  You, the student, get to share your work, check out your classmates work, and cheer each other on.  All from the comfort of your own home, and at any hour of the day or night.  The class goes on for 6 weeks.  There are three other 6 week courses that follow this one.  That means I will for sure be sticking with the practice of sketching for 6 weeks, probably 24 weeks, and hopefully for a lifetime!
for less than $10, i've got enough art supplies to get started!
Today is just the Beginning!

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