Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Setting New Year's Resolutions

I hope your 2015 is off to a great start!

As far as New Year's resolutions, well, I'm happy to report that so far, on this 6th day into the new year, I haven't broken any of mine.  But I haven't officially set my resolutions yet.  Some people think resolutions are waste of time.  But I think they're so important, that I've actually just procrastinated setting mine.  I want to really think mine through.  So although I have an idea of what my resolutions are, I want to get very clear on them before I set them into action.  I think clarity when setting any kind of goal is what makes the magic happen.

My sister recently recommended a book to me that I'm currently reading called, Attracting Perfect Customers by Stacy Hall and Jan Brogniaz.  I've only just started reading it, but so far, what I'm understanding is that in business (and life in general!) the more clear you are on who you are and what you want to provide for others, the more easily the right people can find you.  Sounds simple and obvious, huh?

So who am I?  And what's really important to me that I want to nurture and send out into the world?
Those are great question to think about.

So, that's what I'm mulling over this week.
I'm going to get really clear, and 2015 might be the best year ever!

New Year's Resolutions....coming soon! 

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