Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1960s Earrings- Before and After Repurposing

I had these cute vintage pink thermoset and silver clip earrings for sale in my Resparkable Vintage shop for several months.  But as cute as they were, no one bought them. :(
1960s Pink Thermoset Clip Earrings
So, I decided to repurpose, or upcycle them into pierced earrings and see if that makes them a little more appealing.  Not that many people wear clip earrings anymore, so it makes sense to change them up.

First, I removed the clips and filed everything down smoothly at the back of the earring. 
Snipping, clipping and filing down the clips of the earrings...
Next, I was able to pair the earrings up with some vintage beads I ran across recently. The larger beads look like they have candy sprinkles on them. It was hard not to eat them while I was making the earrings!
Laying out my design plan for the upcycling the earrings.
I finished them off with some sterling silver ear wires, and voila!  A brand new pair of vintage earrings have a new life.
The finished product- Updated, repurposed and upcycled.... but their vintage charm remains.
I honestly think they're even prettier than they were originally.  Just a few subtle changes can make a big difference.

They're relisted in the Resparkable Vintage Etsy shop.  You can find them HERE, as well as other repurpursed vintage earrings HERE.

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