Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Carmel, Cali

Fermin and I just got back from such a fun, fast trip thru some of the best spots in California.  I flew into San Fran Thursday afternoon, and we flew out of LAX Sunday afternoon.  Needless to say, a lot of beautiful, sunny ground was covered. So although I won't share all my pictures, I'll share a few today, as a Part 1 in a two part series.

As soon as I landed, Fermin picked me up at the SF airport and we headed to one of our favorite areas- Carmel.  The door to this little shop in Carmel sums it up well...
Welcome to Heaven
Carmel IS heaven.  Great weather.  A beautiful dog friendly beach.  Gorgeous, and eclectic homes.  Tons of delicious restaurants. Cool boutiques and galleries.  And views...
Carmel- coastal

More of the coast in Carmel
Like I said, the homes in Carmel are eclectic.  Here in Dallas, sometimes when there's a modern house next to a traditional house, it looks out of place.  But in Carmel- it all works!  Probably because there is just so much variance in style.  And probably also because, hey! what doesn't look great in Carmel?
Probably my fav- a tree house house right along the beach in Carmel

A couple of contemporary homes- One mainly of glass, the other, brick and glass

Hacienda style house along the coast in Carmel
and another... stucco and tiled roof home right by the beach
See what I mean?  All beautiful, but all totally different.  I would move into any of them in a heartbeat if I could!

We stayed at La Playa Carmel.  And let me tell you!  January is a great time to go!  It's considered "off season" so rates are a steal.  The weather is perfect this time of year too, and the crowds are gone.  It couldn't have been more ideal.
ahhhh, feels like home

Cute bikes at out hotel to ride... Cute, but they need some Villy Custom bikes!

pretty little courtyard

from hotel, towards the back courtyard

from courtyard back to hotel

my favorite part of the lobby, the tiled stairway
At La Playa Carmel, they have free wine tastings at night, and after dinner, they serve warm cookies and milk.  How sweet is that?!

We spent our day in Carmel wandering around the shops, galleries and eating a really nice dinner.  If I lived in Carmel, this would be my church based on name alone.  The Church of the Wayfarer.  That's right, wayfarer! Wayfarer: n. A person who travels on foot.  They're speaking directly to me!
The Church of the Wayfarer in Carmal, California
In my next post, I'll tell you about the other highlights of our trip... Coming up: The Hearst Castle!

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